i've been edc'ing my ld20 for a long time, nothing beats it, but it's not perfect: no adequate low

i want to switch to 1xaa carry and the newest fenix ld10 has been right at the top of my list for ages, i don't have an ld10 right now but have used one a lot and have ld20's which are the same light

so i was settled on the ld10 because i know it will be right, i like the clip (i do not like the same clip the way it is mounted on the ld20 but on the ld10 it is really good) and that is how i want to carry: 1xaa light bezel down clipped to front pocket

most of my lights are fenix because they just seem right to me, other lights never do. i have been unhappy with itp, olight, nitecore, eagletac and dereelight before so was definite on the ld10: i did not want to risk trying another brand but having seen the new sc51 i am considering it.

things i like about the fenix ld10:

-build quality/reliability





-just feels right

thinks i like about the sc51:

-clip is ok, doesn't look as good as fenix clip but is in the right place: is clip retention strong?

-size/weight is amazing

-i like the idea of a electronic switch but am concerned about the ui

-and the main thing: the low and moonlight modes: this is huge for me and is swaying me

the way to sway me back to the ld10 is if the sc51 is not built as tough as the ld10, if it is not the same quality build construction. the fenix may not have a low but i trust it completely, this is even huger than the low/moonlight is for me: i need a light i trust

so what do you men and women think? i know the ld10 is bgger but it's not too big for me, it seems small after the ld20. will i find the ui difficult on the zl?

i remember the sc50 having some frail lens issues when it came out, is this still a problem?

please advise