Finally I can deep carry it in a pocket!!

But as the PR will testify, victory did not come easily. The scuffs on the tailcap hint at more than just a straightforward installation of the clip.

I ordered a Solarforce clip after figuring that it might just fit. I figured if it wouldn't, I had other lights to put it on anyway. I couldn't find anywhere with BOTH reasonable shipping and a Nitecore EX10 clip in stock and I opted to take my chances with this one.

Trying to cram the clip onto the PR from the get go didn't quite work as the tailcap betrays. The PR is already scuffed and 'impact tested' so this is a beater light for me. (life is not easy for some lights)

Heating it up and trying to press-fit it didn't work too well either.

I figured it was just a bit of material, but hand-sanding with 60 grit didnt quite cut it either, I sanded till my fingers got sore and then I decided to bust out the heavy firepower - the BD RTX (Dremel to anybody else). Toss a sanding band on it and lock down the bit and away ya go. Its steel, as evidenced by the sparks. I tested a few times till I got the fit mostly there. Yes, it was pretty darn hot from the sanding (about 25K+ rpm) and it still needed to lose a bit of material to slip on.

It's not 100% rock solid perfect, there is a little bit of play and the ring will shift slightly if you lift the main part of the clip, but it's pretty good. Any suggestions on how to tighten it up would be appreciated. I don't think I can slip anything in between it though, there simply doesn't seem to be enough space (though if you want to suggest a way I could try).