SOLD PhotonFanatic’s Task light Two ($125)

As seen here;


  • Twisty--twist the head to turn it on or off. Battery rattle is controlled with silicone washers (installed).
  • A 1/4 x 20 tpi socket is built into the tail of the light for use with standard tripod screws, or adjustable arms.
  • Mini FluPIC driver provides three brightness levels, plus two other modes--one for setting one of the brightness levels and the other is null.
  • Powered by either a RCR2 or a primary CR2. The light is shipped with a primary battery installed. For rechargeable CR2's, I recommend AW's offerings.
  • The lens is a 1.5mm mineral glass lens.
  • The Khatod reflector is 20mm in diameter and stippled.
  • The LED is a Seoul P4, bin U2SV0H
  • Length is 2.47, diameter is .80 and the weight is 1.4 ounces.
  • Body is 7075AL that has been electroless nickel plated.
  • Body styling is cut knurling that was polished prior to EN plating, so it is very smooth to the touch.

SPF Sabrewolf’s Mini Taglight ($125)

As seen here;

Warm white cool white LEDs.

1 Nfetterly: Coolwhite/Warmwhite, Cf Cover, Red Glow, Bead Blasted, Multimode, Trits (U,P,E)

3 trits installed (blue on side, orange in head)

Custom heated / ano’d sides

includes charger ring to install on head - but I cannot find chain

SOLD Sabrewolf’s Ti Mini Chimera in Splash Ano ( Rip-offs holster) ($480)

8 gb mini-SD card

MCE- warm


Fun custom parts include;

3 trits installed (orange)

Machine turned sides (done by Chip – finer swirls than Robert’s)

Splash Ano (done by Chip)

Blue glow powder behind LED

Don’t particularly want to sell this one – so no price drops.

Original thread here;

First “I’ll take it” posted in the thread gets it.

Shipping in USA included with delivery confirmation, mini-chimera goes priority post

WW shipping available at actual cost

Benchmade 610 615 knives being posted in knife section