i wanted to make a worklight for late night projects. i wanted to make one that i can wire to a cigarette lighter outlet plug. i was looking at a light with a MR16 base, i am rough on my tools/equipment plus am clumsy so i want something where i can replace the light if i break it.

i found a couple that have caught my interest, but they have raised a few questions.

1. Do I need a driver? or can i plug it into any 12-14v source?

2. Do I need a heatsink?

If anyone has other suggestions feel free to express them.

here are the lights i am considering,

This one has a built in heatsink, Click Here

This one does not, Click Here

I do know that they have different wattages, and different light output, but they both appear to be in the same voltage range that could be driven from a car cigarette outlet.