Hello this is my first post but i've been researching the forums for a couple of days. I've decided to go ahead and make a modified 2D maglite and wanted to post all the parts i've ordered for your opinions and to check i got it right:

2D Maglite

DSWOI P7 Emitter

Britelumens Deluxe P7 Mag D Heatsink

Der Wichtel Buck Driver

Arcitic Adhesive

Arctic Ceramic paste

6 x Sanyo Eneloop AA

2 x Kaidomain (3AA - 2D) converter

UCL glass lens

Other questions i have are:

What reflector would you reccommend for increasing the 'throw'?

Do you think that is the best battery setup or would i better with 2 x 18650's or perhaps 4 x CR123's? ( i chose the AA's because i thought it would be closest to the vf voltage for efficiency and more capacity)

How would a light like this which has probably cost around £80 to make, stack up next to a ROP mag?

and finally.....

I can't find any 24awg teflon wire. If someone can post me a short length i'd be happy to paypal them some funds.

Sorry for so many questions!