Sold Pending Funds to Tyrantrave! Thank you!

Happy New Year, folks! As we roll into the New Year, it’s time to make some adjustments to the collection.

For your consideration:

Oveready Orange Cerakote 6P host w/:

Black Stainless Steel Crenelated Bezel Ring

UCL Lens

Hard Press McClicky switch.

The host has a couple of very small dings in the head from a drop on the sidewalk. I’ve taken multiple angle photos (shown below) – this has been a user, but the only blemishes are the ones shown in the photos. Nothing major – doesn’t affect the function in any way! These are out of stock on the Oveready sales site.

To go with this for an uber bright package is Kerberos awesome 3 speed, 4.2V Quad – XPG R4 for beautiful neutral tint, and a nice green glow! This setup is designed for one 18650, either IMR or RCR. It has one of the nicest tints I've seen.

I have $348 invested in this…let’s move it QUICKLY at $280 shipped CONUS – payment via Paypal and I’ll pick up the fees (personal payment appreciated, but not required.) International buyers, please PM for actual shipping charges. Insurance is extra – once the item passes from my hands to the Post Office, I am no longer responsible. If you have any concerns please request insurance.

Thanks for looking!