New to the CPF. I plan to read a lot and do many searches for a while before posting questions. For now a little about myself.

Eric from Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Last name deleted. Let's just use user name and or first name.

I have a website (5+years) that I already build and sell metal parts to the experimental aircraft community.

I have a small machine shop in my backyard that has several pieces of equipment that I love to spend time in.

A few of the large pieces.

Grizzly Lathe G9972Z (11 x 26)

Lathe Master Mill with Industrial Hobbies CNC conversion running Mach III.

Harbor Freight 4 x 6 horizontal/vertical bandsaw

Craftsman Vertical 12 bandsaw

Grizzly sheet metal 30 combo sheer,brake and roller (G4011)

Grizzly 24 Finger and Box Brake (G0557)

Homier table top drill press. (next upgrade)

Table Top Sandblasting box

12ton Harbor Freight H-frame press with Air over Hydraulic pump

Grizzly Belt sander 1 x 30 (H3140) most used piece of equipment in the shop

Several other small pieces of equipment and small hand tools.

Shop 16 x 20' Heated and Cooled.

I'm sure like most people here I'm a gadget person. I never leave home without a pocket knife, flashlight and pen.(and most time other L shaped iron and polymer)

I have become more and more fascinated with small led lights. I have a day job where I use a flashlight almost as much as I use a pen. I have carried a Olight T15 for about the past 3-4 years now and have loved it. It has probably had no less than 100 AA industrial use batteries put through it. I know it has made it through the washing machine at least twice and has still has the original o rings still in it.

Just this Christmas I was given a 4Sevens Preon 2 pen light which I have started using. I really like the extra brightness and small size, but I don't like having to click through the extra brightness levels each time. I wish it could be programmed to start on a certain level.

So as you can see I'm very interested in learning more about doing flashlight mods and maybe even a custom.

I've back off from my flying hobby lately, but still enjoy building parts. I'm kind of looking for something new to start making that I enjoy building and could help support my tooling and gadget habit.

I was going to just make a short hello post but got carried away.

Look forward to learning more.