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Thread: FS: McGizmo, Muyshondt, Milky, Mac & more

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    Default FS: McGizmo, Muyshondt, Milky, Mac & more

    Just a few lights for sale, in no particular order:

    TiCN Muyshondt Ti Nautilus (R2 Cree) WITHDRAWN

    Excellent condition 2nd run titanium Nautilus, 2 level twisty, CR123 or 3.0v R123, incredible runtimes: 2.5 hrs high + 40 hrs low

    TiCN plated in modamag's last exotic coating run, but some dings in the bezel and tail that were supposed to be polished out beforehand were not.

    And a comparison shot with bare titanium to show the color difference:

    Milkyspit E1B Creemator Noir $275 SOLD

    New SureFire KX1/E1B Backup, HAIII black, Cree XRE Q5 + TIR optic

    Acorn1.3 (1.3A high: ~303 lumens) Bailey firmware, 4 levels + tactical and miser modes, CR123 or R123

    Milkyspit Room Sweeper Retro E1E/Z52 WITHDRAWN

    Excellent condition vintage SureFire E1E head, HAIII natural, bezel-up clip, Z52 lockout twisty tailcap

    SSCP7 CSWOI, DD BrassSink custom drop-in heatsink/LE assembly, designed for IMR16340

    The Room Sweeper concept and original build can be found here.

    Single stage twisty (or momentary with the tailcap loosened just slightly from full on).

    Works with an AW 3.7v R123 but optimized for the IMR 16340: 2.8A initial draw produces approx 600 lumens for ~12 minutes.

    Milky installed a removable diffusion film to the original Lexan lens to smooth the beam from the 4-die P7.

    Ultimate Stealth Light (USL) WITHDRAWN

    New 2D Mag, guarded switch, custom bored body, heatsink, battery pack, charging harness

    4 spare Osram HLX62138 bulbs

    The light with which you can incinerate paper or fry an egg. A legend in CPF history and an early benchmark in ultra high power incandescent Mag mods.

    3500+ lumens (~12 min runtime), much of which is infrared radiation, hence the burning of nearby objects.

    To clarify this particular light's history, quoted from my previous sale thread:

    I do not have a charger for this light... I bought the USL with a Tenergy charger from fellow CPFer Walt175, but the charger was broken on arrival and Walt was in the process of getting me a warranty replacement when he passed away last year. The USL ran brightly for only a few minutes before dimming significantly... After Walts death, I didnt bother to do anything else about it. The light has been packed up, as is, since then. To preserve the capacity and longevity of the battery pack, the buyer will absolutely have to charge the pack before firing this light up again.

    A full-featured RC-type charger like the Triton will certainly work, but a more affordable model like this one from Battery Junction will do.

    Mac's Customs P7 Mag WITHDRAWN

    New 1D Mag, 3.7v C cell powered (not included), side switch, medium stipple metal reflector, UCL lens

    FluPic driver: user adjustable low high, 2.8A burst mode

    Mac's Customs SST-50 Ti EDC $325 SOLD

    New titanium EDC, 2.8A high, 6500K SST-50, 3 level with memory, McClicky switch, Ti pocket clip

    CR123 or R123 (IMR16340 required for full brightness on high)

    McGizmo LT-27S with TiCN MOFO bezel TiCN clip WITHDRAWN

    Used condition, SSC P4, DB917 driver, 2 level twisty, HAIII black, 2xCR123 or 17670

    Bead-blasted TiCN plated MOFO bezel, TiCN plated McGizmo pocket clip

    TiCN plated long McGizmo clip available for $25 extra

    And pics of the two clip options:

    Prices include priority shipping with delivery confirmation in the CONUS.

    Insurance international shipping extra.

    Paypal and money order accepted domestically.

    Paypal from verified buyers in US funds required for international sales.

    No fees added for using Paypal, but no e-check or gift payments accepted.

    Postal insurance is your only recourse in the unlikely event that a package goes missing, and is therefore highly recommended.

    Thanks for looking.
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