Every since I lost my beloved Novatac I've been watching and waiting for something to come up to replace it with!

I built up a Solarforce L2M (3P clone) with parts bought mostly off the market place.

Didn't like it, will probably give it to a neighbor that I think needs a good light.

Found a great deal on a Nitecore NDI, didn't like it either. I'm to picky I guess? Sold it, hope it's new owner can appreciate it more than I did.

Finally, had the money and found my dream for sale! This is rare mind you, either I don't have the money and it's for sale, or I have the money and as soon as it comes up for sale a surprise bill comes up, by money

So I got a RA high CRI clickie, how much happier can a guy be? I love this thing and it's not going anywhere soon!

But I keep finding myself looking for flashlights and parts for sale! Hey, that Quark RGB sure would be cool!

Man, it sure would be a good idea to have an AA light in my BOB seeing how I have a 50 pack of AAs stuffed in the bottom of it!

I wonder if there is a decent AA light that has multiple colors that I could get a couple of, one for the bag and one to try hunting with?

Really, my wife is going to divorce me at this rate!

HELP! I need serious help!