ALUM MACs EDC SST-50 EDC 5th Run. NO clip.

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As recieved from Mac.Only used around the house never carried with anything else in my pocket. 3 mode Low-Med-1400mah High with memory.No dents or dings.

I agree with mac the tint is great!

Mac Quote;

The 4500k LED's are not as warm as the Cree-5a's and in my opinion are perfect. The color rendition of the 4500k LED in my opinion is far superior and is what's in my EDC.

Driver Board Options.

3mode Low-Med-1400mah High (No IMR cell required)

Paypal gift /personal Conus only

$145 Shipped conus.First unconditional Ill take it gets it.

PM with any questions.

Thanks for looking.

Macs pics