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Thread: Dust on the inside of sealed head....Fenix LD20

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    Default Dust on the inside of sealed head....Fenix LD20

    Hey guys, I recently got a brand new Fenix LD20, and noticed a few tiny particles inside the sealed head on the reflector, looks like something/dust fell inside when it was assembled/sealed.

    Does this happen from time to time during manufacturing process? Should I be concerned and maybe even consider getting a replacement flashlight? I mean it's not affecting the light at all, it works great so I don't know if I should be concerned or just ignore it and enjoy the light...

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    Default Re: Dust on the inside of sealed head....Fenix LD20

    Yea the same happened to my E21 that I got two days ago. I don't think there were any particles on the reflector when I got the light. I was playing around with it and unscrewing the head and back last night, and this morning when I was using it I noticed a spec of dust on the reflector inside the sealed head. I'm a little worried because I thought that the "sealed" head was actually sealed. I don't know if I should worry one over such a little stupid piece of dust or if it would effect the light in any way at all.

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    Default Re: Dust on the inside of sealed head....Fenix LD20

    Its not going to effect lumen output, beam shape or anything like that. Its more the idea of you accepting it being there and being comfortable with that. If its a loose piece of debris bouncing around in there, that would bug me enough to take it back. But if it really is just tiny specs of dust I don't worry about it too much.

    But thats just me. My lights are heavy users, so slight imperfections are things I have grown accustomed to over the years.
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    Default Re: Dust on the inside of sealed head....Fenix LD20

    i have tiny dust particles inside all my lights inside the reflector and on the back of the lens as well, i guess every flashlight has dust inside, you see it only when the light is as tiny reflections in the lens. Jetbeam PA40 has it, Thrunite Neutron has it and the tiny Klarus MIx6 ti as well. I guess the dust comes from production. Real high quality products dont have that. Or maybe the dust went in after i bought it but that would mean that the lights arent really waterproof if dust can come in so easily.

    Another thing is you better not clean the glas lens with a microfibre towel, every time i do it then it looks more dirty then before, you never get it 100% clean. But you see the swirls only when its on.
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