I first discovered LensLight a couple of years back and was just blown away. So of course when the Mini model was recently released in titanium I had to get my hands on one right away.

The LensLight Mini Ti is a two stage light (McClicky switch) which puts out 220 lumens for about an hour and half, also has a low at 20 lumens for 20 hours. LED is a hand picked XP-G R5 (premium bin, warm color). Everything about these lights is top notch- Chem-Kote contacts, o-rings, fully regulated, etc- they just feel solid. Besides being a one cell (a bit under four inches, one CR123) light which can achieve 200 lumens, the Lenslight features a focusing system which enables the user to adjust the beam from spot to flood with a simple twist of the head. This is really a great feature, especially on a light with this kind of performance. Inside at home, use the Mini to light up a whole room or hallway with a nice floody beam. Go outside, adjust the beam to spot and light up your neighbors house across the street.

The machining work on the Mini Titanium is absolutely outstanding, it's got a nice smooth (and uniform) ti finish with no bumps or blemishes and it just looks really nice.

One final plus on these lights (at least for me) is that they are also American designed and manufactured. There are a lot of good Asian made lights out there, I have several, but it's nice to see a really well made light from within our borders as well. Great job LensLight!

I would love to post some pics of mine but can't for the life of me figure out how (no option to upload attachments?). Pics can be seen at truenorthknives.com if interested.