Hi all,

This is my first post here.

I'm a knife guy, member of various knife forums- so i suppose it was only a matter of time before i ended up here.

I'm finding myself in need of a good pocketable general purpose light that would be comfortable enough to actually carry (and have when i need it). I'm a highschool senior in a suburban city, so i don't think i'd need anything extremely powerful. nighttime walks or hikes would probably be the extent of my usages.

I've read many reviews, many rankings, and stuff over the last 36 hours, and frankly am quite overwhelmed.

I'm looking for:

-single AA

-smooth cylindrical shape (bigger than a keychain light, smaller than a 2-123)

-2-3 modes

-as long battery life as possible. (naturally)

-cool factor (just being honest)

Unfortunately this has turned up too many options of which i am having trouble weeding out, as i really don't understand some of the technical aspects (yet). here's what i'm looking at so far in order of interest:

1: Quark mini AA^2 (nevermind, i realized it is a 2-AA)

2: Jetbeam PA01

3: Dereelight C2H (can't find runtime info for AA)

4: fenix ld10

5: nitecore EZ AA

These are all within the size/shape i'm looking for, however which has the highest balance of power/quality of light -- runtime?

I'm open to further suggestions. I'd be willing to go larger (2-AA), or smaller if that would be better suited to my use. so long as it's comfortable enough to carry, i'd be satisfied.

lastly, what is a good spread, power-wise over the 3 settings for my uses? some go all over the place, number wise from 3lumens low to 140 lumens high, and i don't want something which i would use only high as default, and burn through batteries.

I am not opposed to a custom build, but i haven't the slightest how to start, and i don't mind following instructions.

Thanks for reading