For Sale is a Quad Xp-g Mini turbo head assembly. I really like this drop in, but I am selling it to fund other projects...

Here is the link for the build thread - in case you have questions about the drop in. There are beamshots of this light in my build thread. - -

Features of the turbo head are as follows:

- Lumens factory D36 mini turbo head compatible with Surefire C/P series lights

- Quad xp-g board wired in series

- GT4 Quad optics

- Blue Shark boost driver driving the xp-gs at about 1 amp

- Custom made aluminum heatsink

- Lumen output is most likely ~ 1,000 OTF lumens.

- I recommend using 2x lithium ion batteries for this drop in... 3 or 4 CR123s can be used also, but I do not recommend using them as the primary source of power. To the best of my knowledge, as the CR123s are discharged and drop in voltage, the Blue Shark driver will keep boosting, and draining them harder and harder. So using fresh CR123s would be fine, but as they drop in voltage, you should change then out to prevent venting/explosion...

I take no responsibility for the consequences if you choose to run this Turbo Head on battery combinations that are dangerous.

This turbo head and drop in can be used on a Solarforce host with an extra spring, however I am not going to recommend it, simply because when I have used it with Solarforces it occasionally has had issues with poor contact of the ground connection to the flashlight body. The problem is that Solarforce hosts have a larger interior diameter as compared to a Surefire.

Price is $150 shipped ConUS via USPS Priority Mail. I will eat the Paypal fees, please do not use the gift option. Hoping to keep this one ConUs for now, thanks - if it doesn't sell I may open it up to international buyers.

First Ill take it in this thread followed by prompt Paypal gets this Quad Xp-g drop in. Posts in this thread take priority over PMs. No host is included.

Paypal address is rjkpsmith (@) gmail (dot) com

Thanks for looking.