I am looking to buy a new light soon but I am trying to figure out how to best compare output ratings.

I used to EDC a P3D Rebel 100. Somewhere along the way I have lost it (a pity, the light was the perfect tint to me). Since then I have EDC a L2D R100 but it is really a bit too long and has been wearing holes in my pockets and the leg of my pants. I have a bit of a credit with 4sevens so I will probably be going with one of his lights.

My question is how to compare the output ratings of the new lights and reconcile them with my old Fenix ones. The P3D was specced at 200 lumens and the L2D at 175. How do those compare to the 210 OTF lumen rating given for the MiniX and how do they both compare to the 130/175/200 ANSI lumens of the Mini 123, 123 and 123˛ respectively? I figure that the 123 cells are going to give me the most output in a small size. I prefer rechargeables but I can find 123s cheap enough online and even about $2.00-2.50/ea for SureFires at Lowes.

I looked in the light sphere results thread but couldn't find most of them listed.

Incidentally, does anyone know why the normal Quark 123 is listed at 175 lumens while the mini123 is only 130?