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Thread: Simple Brinkmann XM-L Mod

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    Duh2 Simple Brinkmann XM-L Mod

    I found this Brinkmann with a Seoul P4 (I think), in my glove box.
    I had totally forgotten about it, as it has been there for a few years.
    It already had a Nite-Ize tail switch on it.

    I took it apart and found that it used a standard 21mm star board.
    I tested the driver output and with fresh Eneloops and it was ~570mA.
    I swapped in a 260lm 6000K XM-L 21mm star board and soldered the connections.
    BAM, I'm Done!

    The color separation is very noticeable with this reflector, but the output is much much better. This flashlight's beam isn't adjustable, so I am stuck with what you see.
    Sorry, no before shots with the Seoul.

    Close beam shot is from ~1ft. The wide angle beam shot is of my living room wall, which is light yellow, fyi.

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    Default Re: Simple Brinkmann XM-L Mod

    Oh you know you want to drive it a bit harder than 500mA...

    Upgrade to a driver that will provide at least 1A.

    Also looking at the beamshot, I suspect it may improve if you could get the XM-L closer to the reflector , maybe a spacer between the LED board and the heatsink if possible, and/or reduce the spacer offset on the back of the reflector? The P4 is a taller LED and would have been set further into the reflector for better focus I suspect.

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