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Thread: odd headlamp plus handheld light question

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    Default odd headlamp plus handheld light question

    when using a headlamp in conjunction with a handheld light for added illumination. Should the flood beam be on the headlamp and the tighter beam be on the handheld or should it be the other way around. I think it should be flood on head and tight beam in hand but am not sure. Any thoughts

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    Default Re: odd headlamp plus handheld light question

    Whenever I used a headlamp, it was set to wide (so I could see up close and write notes etc)
    My flashlights were usually either Pelicans or SureFire TurboHeads so they had narrow beams for putting light on things further away. Geology underground often needs as much light as possible on the area of interest as the details were very important. Also, general stuff and note taking required constant 'general' light which our head lamps could do pretty well for hours at a time.

    Obviously, I used the 12PM with N62 to illumination features for photography. Few Geology undergrads had cameras of any quality value.


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    Default Re: odd headlamp plus handheld light question

    I would suggest a good LED headlamp for close up & a good long throw light for handheld. The headlamp would stay on all the time, so you need long battery run time. The long throw just when you need it. Also, you can keep the long throw in a holster so you still have both hands free. TX

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    Default Re: odd headlamp plus handheld light question

    My favorite combination on the trails is an Aurora on my head, for map reading, and close up work, and a Tec 40 when I need to see far off in the distance.

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    Default Re: odd headlamp plus handheld light question


    Your instinct is generally correct. I have a petzl Zoom with a LEDcorp single LED bulb in it. It gives me a perfect focus, as well as a smooth, even flood. Granted, it is not as bright as the standard bulb, but it is great for closer stuff.

    Another solution, is to get a headlamp mod for the Arc LS, if you have, or are planning to get an Arc LS. Silviron (CPF member) makes these. If you need it for helmet mounting, it is best to get the 'kids' version. I have the 'adult' and the wire is too short for helmet mounting. (or ask him to make the wire longer [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] ).

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