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Thread: RIP James Arness

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    Default RIP James Arness

    A decorated war veteran who turned to acting when he came home. Best known for his starring role in Gunsmoke (the longest running drama on TV), his career spanned many decades. He was the brother of Peter Graves and the resemblance was unmistakable.

    RIP sir. Thanks for a lifetime of quality entertainment.

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    Default Re: RIP James Arness

    Very sad news indeed. RIP.
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    Default Re: RIP James Arness


    He will be remembered in re-runs for many , many years .

    Both he and John Wayne provided many hours of western entertainment .

    I hope he finds Miss Kitty and settles down now .

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    Default Re: RIP James Arness

    Always a favorite of mine. I can still hear Chester saying "Marshall Dillon" in his country drawl.


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    Default Re: RIP James Arness

    RIP James, what a talented family from Peter Graves to James Arness.

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