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Thread: Hds 120 executive threads locked

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    Default Hds 120 executive threads locked

    This may sound stupid but my hds clickys threads between the head and battery tube have always seemed to tighten by itself. Nomatter how lightly i screwed it on, when i go to change the battery, the threads would be super tight. Now they are stuck with a dying battery inside. Ive tried heating them up, using two big rubber bands, and they are stuck. I was wondering if its just me or if anyone else had this problem. Any info helps,,

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    Weird... I've never heard about that kind of problem on an HDS.

    Before sending it to Henry, I would try with 2 strap wrench. You can get them fairly cheap and they are useful for many things.

    If it works, then carefully (VERY carefully...) inspect and clean the inner and outer thread with alcohol and then apply a fine coat of nyogel on the outer one. Also clean the outer lips of the battery tube and also the circuit board. If the problem is not from the thread, then it could be caused by oxidation that bonds the board with the aluminum of the tube. I highly doubt that last possibility but if humidity or a chemical stuff been in contact with the bare aluminum part, then it could be the problem.

    When you will put it back, don't over tight it and a least once a week, try to remove and put back the tube.
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