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Thread: BUYING: Dorcy Super 1 watt CR123

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    Default BUYING: Dorcy Super 1 watt CR123

    hi, this is my first post in this forum but i have been pretty active in "laser pointer forums"
    i am interested in a dorcy 1 watt and cannot find it anywhere online
    here is the exact host that i am looking for
    if you have an extra one and wouldnt mind to part with it, then please send me a PM

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    Default Re: BUYING: Dorcy Super 1 watt CR123

    Welcome to CPF, blue bumblebee; I'm sorry to have to close your first thread here, but what you are looking for is not a Custom item so it doesn't belong here.

    We have a sister forum, CPFMarketPlace, for buying/selling/trading stock items, and I suggested to post your requirement in there in the WTB: Flashlights & Parts section.
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