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Thread: Need help with a new light....

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    Default Need help with a new light....

    Ok guys this is all new to me. So im needing some help with getting the right one. I have been trying to read as much as i can and i think i have it down to 3. So if you can tell me if these are pretty good.

    I work with the DOC and i sometime work over night so me needing a good flashlight is a most.

    Im looking at:
    4Sevens Quark AA² Tactical, R5
    Fenix TK11R2
    Fenix TK12 R5

    All the help would be nice. Im hoping to get something in the next 2 days

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    Default Re: Need help with a new light....

    Any of those should be a good choice for a first good light.

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    Default Re: Need help with a new light....

    Welcome to CPF, uween

    I'll move your thread to the LED Flashlights section for you.
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    Default Re: Need help with a new light....

    I'd recommend one that uses common AA/AAA batteries. CR123 batteries are very good and provide more output, but are quite expensive unless you order en masse online. It is viable if you don't really plan to use the light for long stretches.

    If you use AA/AAA, I do recommend NOT using alkalines. Rechargables are the best way to go, but you can use primary Lithium (the energizer Ultimate lithium type) too.

    Lights that use 18650s and the like require special care and feeding that probably isnt appropriate for a 1st timer.

    Have you examined the Fenix LD20+ and LD25?
    An LD40 uses 4xAAs for more runtime and a bit higher output.

    A TK41 uses 8 AAs and is very bright (overkill?), but certainly heavier, though no moreso than a 2C Maglite.

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    Default Re: Need help with a new light....

    I would try a quark tactical or regular aa with a 14500 thats just plain mean!!!
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    Default Re: Need help with a new light....

    I would recommend reading this section of the forum:


    and also having a (second?) look at Eagletac P20A2 MkII with XP-G S2 or XM-L HO modules.


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