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Thread: help with tactical weapons light

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    Default help with tactical weapons light

    How can I change my weapons light to use 2 rcr123 3.0v batteries. I will be using the tenergy 3.0v rcr123 900mah. The light currently uses a 6v xenon bulb.

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    You're going to have to provide more details than that.

    Also are the rcr123s you're using protected or not? Also if it's just a regular Li-Ion battery the voltage will be 4.2v off the charger and even for LiFePO4 rechargeables it should be 3.5-3.6V off the charger. Be wary of overdriving your incandescent light you can easily flash the bulb.
    I know some bulbs are more tolerant than over of higher voltage but some bulbs, like the Surefire P60 and P61, will not tolerate any more than specified.

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    They are protected 3.0 working volts. They didn't blow the bulb just drained to quick. The light is a swatforce. Model. Lt-tl101. I also have a Cyclops that uses the same

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    You'd have a 50/50 chance of insta-flashing it, and if it does survive the life of the bulb would decrease as a result of being overdriven.

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    Short runtimes are all about capacity... 2 x RCR123 @ 800mAh Vs. 2 x 3.0v CR123a @ 1400mAh

    I'm not familiar with those airsoft weapon lights do they use a P60 style lamp module? if they do you might be better off going with an LED P60 module and powering it with a Li-Ion 17670 cell (3.7~4.1v @ 1800mAh)
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    if they are li-ion cells regulated down to 3.0v, capacity is likely to be small indeed. Your best bet is likely to be choosing a bulb that is appropriate for either one or two li-ion cells (nominal 3.6 or 7.2v), and foregoing the "3.0v li-ion" concept. LiFePO4cells, nominally 3.2v, also have limited capacity compared to LiCo and even IMR cells.
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