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Thread: Finally got a Malkoff M60 (engraved/optic)

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    Default Finally got a Malkoff M60 (engraved/optic)

    WOW. Just... WOW! I've brought my Surefire C2 to the next level.

    Thanks to Kif, I scored one on the Marketplace (aka, "Sanctum of the Empy Wallet"). This is just amazing. It's broad daylight, and I can still put a healthy spot on the wall. Took it in the dark basement and tried it out. Instant smiles.

    I'm currently running a Lumens Factory LED module ( in my Surefire Z3. Wondering if I might get better bang for the buck running the Malkoff in the Z3 and the LF module in the C2. The LF module has a reflector, the spot is a little smoother than the Malkoff's, but that's just wallhunting inside. I need to get these both outside at night and compare them head to head.
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    Default Re: Finally got a Malkoff M60 (engraved/optic)

    Nice! From the first pic it looks like this Malkoff powers itself, no need for a host!

    From what I've read the M60 will be a tiny bit brighter on 3CR123s but the main difference will be much longer runtime.

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