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Thread: Zebralight Switch Sensitivity Fixed?

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    Default Zebralight Switch Sensitivity Fixed?

    Last year I bought a SC50W+. It would be a great EDC for me except that the switch is too sensitive (causing the light to come on in the pocket.) I was told that this problem has been fixed, but figured I'd better check here. If so, I'll be selling this light and will be picking up another Zebralight soon.

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    Not sure if it applies to all lights going forward or not, but the switch on the SC600 apparently takes 40% more force to activate.

    Check the first post in this thread...

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    Default Re: Zebralight Switch Sensitivity Fixed?

    The design was changed on the SC600 only (so far). It is more recessed, smaller, and requires more pressure to activate. It has never turned on in my pocket but I actually liked the old design better. I find the new design is too small for my large thumb and I need to activate it with my index finger.

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