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Thread: Sunwayman V20C in Action

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    Default Sunwayman V20C in Action

    Hi all. I have a similar thread in CPF MarketPlace, but for those of you that don't visit the Sunwayman forum, this is for you. This picture shows how useful a floodly beam is. I started cutting the grass too late today and was able to finish using my Sunwayman V20C attached to my mower using a bicycle mount. It was 68 degrees outside and after 20 minutes of cutting, the head was still cool.
    Here is a close up shot.

    Here is the entire beam.

    What a great light!

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    Default Re: Sunwayman V20C in Action

    Is there any neighbor on the other side of the fence?

    I'm asking this since I'd probably get shot in the first 5 minutes after I'd start a mower at night.

    Take care....


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