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Thread: Fakes on Ebay?

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    Question Fakes on Ebay?


    Currently looking at purchasing an Olight SR51 from Ebay.

    The Seller is from China and is offering the SR51 at a very good price.

    Does anyone know if there is a risk of fake or counterfeit Olight flashlights doing the rounds??

    I have no interest in purchasing a fake flashlight only a genuine Olight product.


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    Default Re: Fakes on Ebay?

    There was a warning on the Olight site about fakes the last time I looked.

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    Default Re: Fakes on Ebay?

    Actually i dont think it makes any sense to copy a flashlight because flashlights are usually lower prized products and you need the same machines the "original" manufactors use. I orderd my lights from china and they are cheaper because those lights are made in china, the production costs are cheap there, the dealers in our countrys make huge profit per light, especially in germany

    i have Zebralight H31 and Jetbeam PA40 from hong kong and if those were fakes then they are as good as the original ones, i guess you will see it immediately if its a fake or not. I have S.T. Dupont cigarette lighters and ive orderd for fun a china copy from the same model i have and there is absolutely no match to the orginal product.
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    Default Re: Fakes on Ebay?

    eBay is an unreliable place to buy lights. Many counterfeit/inferior knockoff items are sold there. With batteries, it's even worse.

    We've had numerous threads on this topic; we don't need another, especially one that inadvertently promotes eBay. It's closed.
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