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Thread: Newbie and first decent flashlight!

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    Hi folks. Newbie here saying a big hello to you all. I've just bought my first decent EDC flashlight. A Jetbeam RRT-0 S2. Chosen not for ultimate lumen output, but for battery flexibility as it can take CR123 and AA. Replaces an old Mag light AAA. Lets just say the difference is night and day! Looking forward to learning more about the vast range of LED flashlights that are now available

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    Apologies re the hot link images - never heard that term before or knew that it was an issue. Thanks for the heads up. Images now hosted at my PBucket account.

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    Default Re: Newbie and first decent flashlight!


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    Congratulations on your first "flashaholic-grade" light. My first was a JetBeam Jet-I Pro, and I carry it every day. If yours is anything like mine, it will serve you well (as long as the batteries are charged ).

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    Thanks - I hope it will be a reliable unit. After looking through the forum at the astonishing range of lights that are available, I've got a feeling it won't be my only light

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    welcome to CPF!

    and congrats on the RRT-0.

    i gifted mine to a friend awhile back, and i do miss it.

    its a sexy little light, and fun to use.

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