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    Default Pocket clip & new option

    Hi guys,

    I have been contacted numerous times privately about the availability of the Ti clip on my lights and have offered the clips at times in threads as well as in an e-mail now and then. With the advent of a new optional clip that will be available on any of my lights being offered I figured it was time to introduce this other version as well as make both available as replacements or for other uses you guys may have.

    So the new addition looks very similar to the original:

    The only difference is a utility feature that I had added. This feature may not be of much interest to most folks but I got tired of modifying the original clip on my own lights to include it. I had a pilot hole added to the clip as you can see above, which I then tap with a 1/4"x20 tap.

    This threaded hole doesn't effect the normal function of the clip compared to the "stock" version one bit but it does add a useful (IMHO) attachment point. Those of you who have been around for a while are familiar with my affinity to 1/4"x20 attachments.

    One can easily mount a light on a small tripod which is probably the most obvious use of this feature:

    But one can get further carried away and explore nurdly realms limited only by one's imagination. For instance, I have put together an IR only camera rig in a waterproof housing and plan to use a pair of IR SunDrops for illumination:

    And if you have one of the web coil tethers with swivel, the light can be mounted on the swivel:

    And this gave me the excuse of getting with my favorite niece/ mermaid for some water shots of the tether in use.

    She is attempting to illuminate the black frog fish in the image above which is actually a complete waste of time because the dang fish is black! But notice the tether is clipped to her suit and the light can even be clipped by virtue of the belt clip, with the tether attached:

    I could add some pics of the flashlight mounted on one of the loc-line stalks but I think you get the picture and such images would be a let down after these.

    So to make this an official offering of the titanium flashlight clips, they are offered as follows:

    Stock Ti clip with pair of titanium screws (#4-40 x 3/16") - $25 plus postage
    1/4x20 Ti Clip with pair of titanium screws (#4040 x 3/16") - $30 plus postage

    (How to order for those not familiar)

    Going forward, if anyone requesting a light from me would prefer to have the 1/4x20 clip instead of the stock clip, please make mention of it in your order request and understand that I will add $5 to the price of the light.

    EDIT 11-19-11

    I realized after the fact that I should add a comment about the clip screws in this thread. The screws I use are #4-40x 3/16" 6-4 titanium which I get from Lunsford Racing. You need a good 1/16" hex driver to install and remove the screws. After having less than ideal success with drivers I had on hand I contacted Lunsford and asked them for recommendations. They told me to get a MIP Thorpe hex driver and that is what I have been using.

    The whole function of these screws is to keep the clip securely attached to the light and not come loose under any circumstances. They perform this function well and almost to a fault when one wants to remove the screws. I can get significant torque with the Thorp driver and unfortunately this means you need a driver of equal grip to remove the screws. A standard hex driver can easily slip and spin in the head.
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