Emitters: 3 x Nichia 319a sm403 (4000k) mounted on Noctigon
Optic: Carlco 10511
Driver: Chinese A6 Driver with Bistro
Switch: Convoy s2+ reverse clicky

Main purpose of this build was to experiment with potting the driver. After discussions with Parametrek, I became super intrigued by using diamond powder for its superior thermal efficiency properties. I made a mixture of thermal epoxy and diamond powder and filled the driver cavity with it. I used a cheap Chinese driver once that epoxy sets the driver will be stuck in there, didn't want to commit a $20 driver to that. (I realized afterwards I didn't want to risk a $20 driver but committed a $200 host )

I chose this host mainly because I had it laying empty and because it's solid copper. I knew this thing will draw some power and get hot but I severely underestimated how hot. First time I turned it on I fried a switch. Had to go look for another switch so I scrapped one from a Convoy S2+ I had laying about. Tested that one for a second and the spring was hot enough to burn me so I bypassed both driver and switch springs.

Got the light working, used a Carlco 10511 because its a narrow beam, but slightly frosted. 319a beam pattern tends to have more of a yellow center, the frosting helps diffuse that into a very pleasing tint. On the highest mode the tint shits to a cool white with a 30Q cell, turns out this draws too much power for a 319a to handle. Some speculation as too why is because the copper and diamond potting helps prevent the temps lower at the emitter and in addition, it is keeping the FET cool so efficacy is probably increased. With an MJ1 the tint stays nice and warm on all modes. Unfortunately the Chinese driver messes uop the timing of the longer half press to reverse through the modes in Bistro, when the light is very hot the reverse function disappears. Light gets super hot! at 10 seconds the head is very hot and at 30 seconds its too hot too handle.

All in all its a very functional light, even at this hot rodding. I'm very pleased with the results of the diamond powder and would love to experiment further, maybe even build 2-3 lights with or without and get some metrics on actual efficiency and results.

Side question, anyone know if I can use the Super Lube Thermal Silicon on threads or will it gunk it up? I'd like to use some on the pill threading.