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Thread: SF 6PL - Optimal battery configuration + drop-in?

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    Shrug SF 6PL - Optimal battery configuration + drop-in?

    I'm in EMS, and I'm about to be the proud owner of a new SF 6PL. I'm currently looking for rechargeable batteries and drop-in options for it, and after tons of reading, I'm confused on a few points.

    From my research, it seems I have these options

    Now for drop-ins, there seem to be two major groups - ones that take 3.4ish-9V (Malkoff M61, DX SKU: 14442) and ones that take around 0.8ish-3.4ish (Malkoff M31, DX SKU:36030).

    For batteries, we have 2 x cr123 at 6V, 2 x rcr123 at 8.4Vish, and 1x17670s at 3.6V (of which AW makes good ones apparently)

    My question is, which combination of drop-in + batteries is optimal? It seems 2x rcr123s have the shortest length, but will replacing them with 17670s cause a drop in brightness? I'm just not quite sure what factors play into longevity and brightness.

    I'd like to aim for optimal life (and rechargeable) without sacrificing brightness (if that's even possible)

    Thanks everyone in advance!
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    Default Re: SF 6PL - Optimal battery configuration + drop-in?

    I'm also interested in getting multimode drop-in. Do the one below from Lumens Factory offer better quality / light than the cheap DX ones (it's twice the cost).

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