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    I tried searching but the search term is to common and short to go threw.

    I am thinking about buying one of these and upgrading it to LED and possibly rechargeable batteries and wondering what my options would be.

    Does 3 cell's increase the voltage or the run time considerably?

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    Yes, by 50%.

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    So 3 regular 123 cells is pushing 9v ? Do all rechargeables need the tube bored out?

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    There are many LED drop-ins available for the 9P, but if you want to run rechargeables in the stock (non-bored) body, then your choices are small. You can run 3 rechargeable cr123's, 3x16340 li-ion's or 2x17500 li-ion's. Boring the body to accept 18mm cells is another option also. Choosing what batteries to run will help determine what voltage rating you need to look for when choosing a particular LED drop-in. I have a 9P w/ a Malkoff M91 that's bored to accept 2x18500 cells, if that helps!

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    2 18500s are not significantly more in capacity than 1 high capacity 18650. The primary advantage of the 9p then, is the extra voltage. So start with your drop in choice and go from there.
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    Check the Lumens Factory LED for D26 13v. That and 3 RCR123 should do what you would like. You could also check LF for brighter incandescent bulbs and go from there. Enjoy!

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    Thanks, Ill try that. I forgot about the lumens factory bulbs. They look more quality than the solarforce or ebay ones.

    How would the 3-mode bulb work with a twist cap with momentary switch?

    What lumens is the LF XP-G R5 D26 putting out?
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    I own a 9z with a Malkoff drop in. It's a great upgrade. Contact him.

    As for runtime - no increase for me. Definite increase in output.

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