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Thread: Battery Junction and Sunwayman Saga

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    Default Battery Junction and Sunwayman Saga

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    Ordered a Sunwayman V20C from Battery Junction in September but didn't get it until I returned from working overseas in mid-October. I received an old model with the unresponsive magnetic ring.
    Battery Junction would not assist me in providing a properly working model. Repeated inquiries to Battery Junction were only answered with "We're working on it." over a period of a couple of weeks, then nothing further from BJ.
    I contacted Sunwayman, and they were very good about responding and resolving my problem. They confirmed by serial number that I had a defective unit and offered to replace it after I returned the flashlight to them in China.
    So I laboriously packaged it and went through all the rigamarole of shipping a package to China via the US Postal Service.
    My package left the US on November 10 from Miami.
    It has not arrived at Sunwayman in China yet.
    The US Postal Service can't track a package once it leaves the US.
    So after two months I still have no light and Battery Junction is on my short list of "Do not buy there again."
    I'm looking for a reputable dealer who has current model Sunwayman lights in stock.
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