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Thread: Buying defective nitecore D10- good idea?

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    Default Buying defective nitecore D10- good idea?

    So I love the way the d10 looks and is designed, but it seems like a lot have issues.
    Would buying a used one that is a battery vampire or has wierd mode action be a good idea?

    I haven't been able to find any known fixes for the battery vampire issue, but think pulling the battery would be ok for me (I have other lights I trust for that).

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    Default Re: Buying defective nitecore D10- good idea?

    Untwist the head 1/2 turn and it wont drain the battery.

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    Default Re: Buying defective nitecore D10- good idea?

    Thanks.. I think I'll get it but wonder if anyone identified the culprit and fix.

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    Default Re: Buying defective nitecore D10- good idea?

    D10? Or D11? The D11 is the one that's available right now while the D10 is the one that was discontinued several years ago.

    The new D11 had a parasitic drain issue. As I understand it, the issue was corrected in the D11.2 revision.

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    Default Re: Buying defective nitecore D10- good idea?

    Dude.. do not buy it if it has problems.! There are plenty of good light out there.! JMO

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    Default Re: Buying defective nitecore D10- good idea?

    I have the D11...and I love it! I know it had problems, and does not have the short cuts that people expressed their disappointment at, but I still think its a great light!

    I have just bought a HDS 200 rotary, and although it is absolutely fantastic in every way, I still love the D11, and still find my self using it a lot. Its a great compromise from too small, to just right in the hand. The simple functions and the ramping are great! I love the lock out function, which I use when camping etc, but for long term, I just unscrew a little to negate the drain problem. Not ideal, but as you mentioned, the new D11.2 apparently solves this, as well as having the short cuts added.

    Im thinking of getting a D11.2...even thought it will be almost identical to my D11....I think it is worth the little corrections, as its a great easy to use, practical EDC. I always keep mine in my pack as a back up (only to my new HDS).

    Hope that helps

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    Default Re: Buying defective nitecore D10- good idea?

    I really like the look of the D10 / D11 and wanted one for a long time but the reported problems with the piston drive put me off.

    When I joined CPF, the D10 and Fenix LD10 were pretty much the only single AA lights that were regularly recommended, how times change!

    If I was offered one really cheap I would probably go for it. Would be a nice little project trying to get it working right.

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    Default Re: Buying defective nitecore D10- good idea?

    Piston problems are mostly to do with over-greasing and fat o-rings.

    I've had several drivers killed, mostly by slipping with alligator clips while powering them to measure power draw and trying to switch modes at the same time. :facepalm: Some "faulty to start with D10s" I have managed to fix by replacing components on the driver (if you can figure out which is the problem through some tricky testing), and some times its just a hardware problem with people not installing light engines back together properly, however the biggest problem is with people sanding pistons irreversibly short, in an attempt to correct for a improperly installed light engine, and ending up with a torch that can no longer function, but gets advertised as a "mode changing problem" because the torch will still light up when the piston is pressed, but can't stay on. Id give a not quite working torch a go, but only if your keen to repair/mod and comfortable to get into it, because its more often than not, a complicated exercise, and can usually be more frustrating than its worth. If you get a good price, its worth a try.

    The D10 is what I like to think of as a serviceable and moddable torch. D10s have the looks, D11 loses the elegance both UI and visually(to me..), D11.2 is fine tuned a bit, with improved UI, however its still not perfect IMO. All 3 are still fairly cool torches to be playing around with.

    Ive got some D11.2s still siting in a box unused, and D10 users that I have which I've spent a lot of time just fine tuning. Emitter swaps are easy enough though, but requires attention to detail to ensure it fits together nicely, with the thickness of the led mounting base highly critical to the piston throw and feel.
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    Default Re: Buying defective nitecore D10- good idea?

    Thanks all! I decided to go with a new E11v2 which seems to address both the discharge issue and the lack of mode shortcuts on the E11v1.

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