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Thread: DBS V3 waterproof?

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    Default DBS V3 waterproof?

    Hey all,

    I've seen all the advertisements about the V3 being IPX-8 rated, but looking at the light's components, namely the lens and tailswitch seals, I'm a little leery of it's true waterproof potential. I do a good bit of freediving in the summer, down to 30 feet or so, for a few hours at a time. In the past, I've used a Surefire without any problem, but I like my DBS and would like to take it. Has anyone ever taken their DBS down to 30 feet? If so, was it actually waterproof?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Default Re: DBS V3 waterproof?

    Do NOT try it! it is not a dedicated diving light and you will most likely flood the light. I can't believe your surefire has worked.

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    Default Re: DBS V3 waterproof?

    You might want to look at XTar D01 for a dive light.
    I got it as a regular light and am very happy good through and nice level adjustment.
    Also you can get Selfbuilts take on the light here

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    Default Re: DBS V3 waterproof?

    To repeat what I've said many times before:

    Quote Originally Posted by DM51 View Post
    Please do yourself a favor and forget the IPxx ratings - they are meaningless BS. They are tests conducted under static conditions and are therefore completely artificial. They cease to have any relevance whenever dynamic factors are introduced, such as when a light is moved or operated under water.

    There is only one way to be certain that a light will survive being operated underwater: use a dive light.
    Resistance is futile...

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    Default Re: DBS V3 waterproof?

    30 feet?! Pls use a dive light, and a very good one. (not going to be cheap at all)

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    Default Re: DBS V3 waterproof?

    Quote Originally Posted by 2100 View Post
    30 feet?! Pls use a dive light, and a very good one. (not going to be cheap at all)
    The dive light I recommended above is only 62 bucks and good quality. Rated for 100m has a 5mm thick glass lens and is built like a tank.

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    Default Re: DBS V3 waterproof?

    If price isn't really your concern, Wiseled makes a great light that works well diving too. I have the Tactical 2000, but in retrospect, the smaller one would have been a better choice to clip to my BC vest.

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