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Thread: Hi i'm new here and also have a nice new torch...

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    Default Hi i'm new here and also have a nice new torch...

    Great site just came across it so have much more to read...
    I have had my Fenix TK11 for about 4 years now i think and it has been great with 225 lumens which was massive 4 years ago. But I have now changed and upgraded and bought a JETBEAM JET 3M XML 450 lumen torch and it seems a good little torch so far, only owned it for a couple days so not tested fully. Anyone own one here or have their opinions? I'm from the UK and I am a police officer so I use my torch often and find the issued Maglite is rubbish.


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    Default Re: Hi i'm new here and also have a nice new torch...

    I don't have the XM-L version myself, but do have one of the previous emitter versions of this light. I have found it very reliable having had it a few years now - probably as long as you have had your TK11. No issues with it at all.

    You'll find the day to day UI very simple and familiar - tighten the head for high, loosen it for low, just as you would with your TK11. However, the 'low' mode is also fully programmable via Jetbeam's IBS system, giving you more options. You still only have two settings to hand at any given time, but the low setting can be adjusted anywhere from a quite decent low setting (far from being the lowest setting available on any light, but pretty low none the less; mine goes down to 2 - far dimmer than the low setting on the TK11) all the way up to full power and anywhere in between. Alternatively, rather than a reduced power setting, the 'low' mode can instead be set as a flashing beacon, adjustable frequency strobe etc.

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    Default Re: Hi i'm new here and also have a nice new torch...

    Hi downs523,you'll find all the info you'll need about every type of light here on CPF,I'm also from the UK & it was while i was researching different type's
    of torches that i came across CPF & like me I'm sure you'll find it's a great friendly & informative site.I can tell you with you being a policeman you might
    be wanting a pretty powerful but easy to carry light.There are loads of edc(every day carry) torches that are really small & powerful that might be just
    perfect for you,Since you bought your Fenix it's unbelievable how far led lights have developed,the more you look into all of the torches available the more
    chance you have of finding the perfect torch for you & your job.Welcome to CPF I'm sure you'll enjoy researching the vast amount of great torches available.
    What another new light!!!

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    Hi, more and more people from the UK joining lately, welcome

    Hope you enjoy your new light
    Four surefires and counting, this could be expensive

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    Default Re: Hi i'm new here and also have a nice new torch...

    Hello Downs

    Welcome to CPF. I'm also a police officer and appreciate a good light. I have an older Jetbeam Jet IIIM and have enjoyed it for years. I'd recommend getting a smaller backup light to carry with you also. I no longer use my Jet III for work (I keep it in my truck as an emergency light). I made a decision awhile back to spend the $$ and carry very good, reliable lights. I carry a Malkoff Hound Dog as my primary light and an HDS Systems Clicky as a backup. Enjoy yourself as you learn and be safe at work!!

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    Default Re: Hi i'm new here and also have a nice new torch...

    Also a LEO here, using a Malkoff MD2/M61W with high/low ring, with my Quark clipped on my right shoulder.
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