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Thread: Batteries question with my L2T....

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    Default Batteries question with my L2T....

    Hey guys. I just got my L2T in the mail, and also my nailbender XM-L drop in! Wow!
    But, quick question......The batteries are bouncing around in there (CR123's). Any quick fix for this? Any tape or something like that?
    Oh, and can I use Energizer 123 batts for this light? I know I can't use some kinds, but don't know why just yet, still learning....Thanks for all the help!

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    Hello. Thats it a great set up. FYI dont know if you know but the rattling is because the L2T has around a 18mm inner diameter to accomodate 18650 lithium ion rechargable batteries. Using CR123s is good but since they are not rechargable it will soon become expensive buying them CR123s. Buying them in bulk comes out OK but buying two at a time at Walmart. Rite Aid, Walgreens etc. will become super expensive seen them as much as $5 each. I recommed to get some AW 18650 batteries in 2900 mAh and a Ultrafire Wf-139 charger, dont forget to read the dangers of using Lithium Ion rechargables batteries and enjoy guilty free lumens. With that out of the way here is a link to a thread I posted for a quick easy, cheap fix for the rattling. GL.

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    Ok cool. I really want to get some rechargeables, but i didn't even start researching what is what yet. Thats next....thanks a lot.

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    No problem. Register on Candle Power Formun Marketplace and look around to find the seller for the AW batteries, they can also provide the charger. The Nailbender XML can handle up to 6V but can also run on an 18650 battery which is 4.2V off the charger. I also recommed buying a digital multimeter to check the battery voltage when the come off the charger. I got mine a Sears on sale for around $17. PM me if you have more questions. GL.

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    You can wrap the batteries in thick paper, then tape the paper tube with Scotch tape. It works fine. Heck, I do it in my $140 Fenix TK41 to quell battery rattle when tromping thru the woods.

    EDIT : EXCELLENT suggestion on the multimeter. Li-ion cells are generally safe, if some simple checking is done. You can identify a problem cell BEFORE it potentially turns your light into a pipe-bomb.
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    Check the Nailbender XM-L and see what the acceptable voltage range is. It might work with a single 18650 battery. If not try two AW rechargeable batteries and add shrink wrap to make them closer to 18mm. Always check the voltage. You don't want to damage that dropin! Once you start using rechargeable batteries, you'll keep the primary batteries for emergencies only!

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    Gotcha...for some reason i am attracted to the look of those 18650's. not sure why, but the 123 batts got me wanting a light that takes them, and thats why i ended up here....then, i found out about customs, dropins, etc., and now i love the look of the 18650 even more. Call me crazy, but to each his own, right? Thanks a lot!
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    Default Re: Batteries question with my L2T....

    The 18650 is great. Packs a lot of juice compared to 2 x rcr123. Safer with a single protected 18650 than 2 x rcr123 (you dont have to think about matching V). Dont rattle in 18mm tubes. Got a big pile of unprotected sanyo 18650's that i scavanged from laptop batterypacks, so they can also be "for free". The Tesla roadster uses 6800 18650's and does 0-60mph in 4 sek . If you scavange a Tesla, you got batterys for the rest of your life hehe.

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    Oh man. Just sold my Tesla.......Nah, just kidding. Funny though! Thanks......i didn't know they use 18650's in laptop battery packs.......i will have to keep my eye out now.

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