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Thread: Solution for 4x cree xml-t6

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    Default Solution for 4x cree xml-t6

    Hi. Sorry if where i'm posting this topic is not where it should be... My english bad also...
    I want to make a flashlite with 4 cree xml t6 leds and need a solution for a driver for them. I have 8x18650 acc for power source. How is best: use a driver separately for each led or one for all? The size doesn-t bother me. I will use it for bike light.
    This is what i've done with so far, but I want to put 4 leds in one reflector. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Solution for 4x cree xml-t6

    I would connect the batteries in 4s2p configuration (4 series x 2 parallel) and use 2 taskled H6CC drivers (in parallel) to drive 2 LEDs each (in series).

    Alternatively, you could wire batteries in 8s configuration and run the 2 H6CC drivers in series. Not 100% sure if this second way would work but you could email George from taskled to find out.
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