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Thread: New Titanium Innovations CA1 (IlluminaTi) malfunction

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    Default New Titanium Innovations CA1 (IlluminaTi) malfunction

    Have received the CA1 today, out of box it was OK. I have tested it with Energizer Lithium and Eneloop AAA, totally a few minute. All correct, works as it should. Than I put the CA1 and switched to another light from the parcel. When I came back to the CA1, it started to work as on video:

    So, with a fresh battery it starts to light, but ramps down in a few second. Switching low-mid-high seems to work, but with the same issue at each level. And the flashlight head is getting significantly warm in about half minute.

    The problem is that I am far away from BatteryJunction, so I would be so thankful for any thoughts on the CA1 possible repair by own hands. I have already cleaned the thread, contacts, have blown the head to remove possible micro shaves... With no result so far. There's a hard grey substance like epoxy between the IC and the body, so the light disassembling is hardly possible:


    I have nearly ruined the iTP A3 one day trying to disassemble it, it looks very similar to this head design.

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions.
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    Default Re: New Titanium Innovations CA1 (IlluminaTi) malfunction

    Seems like there is a problem with the light engine, possibly an internal short (no illumination but still producing significant heat). I have tried to pull one of these Ti lights apart, but it was a "destructive" process (same as your ITP A3)

    Contact BatteryJunction and see what they say.
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    Default Re: New Titanium Innovations CA1 (IlluminaTi) malfunction

    Thanks Gregozedobe, think you are right.

    Meanwhile I have left the CA1 in rest for about 20 hours. When I switched it on again for the first time, it was lighting for about 15 second, and only after this period it ramped down. Further attempts where like on video. So I suggest that after a long time of postage it was lighting for a few minute for the first time(s). Than the problem is really in the IC. At least all my attempts to fix it without disassembling the light have no result.

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    Default Re: New Titanium Innovations CA1 (IlluminaTi) malfunction

    AFAIK, the light has no ramping-down function related to temp.

    It sounds 100% like a faulty IC. Sorry for your luck.

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    Default Re: New Titanium Innovations CA1 (IlluminaTi) malfunction

    To be shure, I powered the CA1 of a laboratory power supply at 1.5V and max current limitation at 2A. While light ramps down in seconds, the driver still consume about 0.5A as long as the flashlight is switched on:

    No doubdt the driver is out of order.

    Have contacted to Battery Junction and sent the CA1 back for repair/replacement.

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