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Thread: Back after a few years.

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    Naughty Back after a few years.

    I have a few lights that I would like to sell. I have the pictures that I can email if asked. I have a EDC ULTIMATE 60 GT/WITH THE EXTENDED RUNTIME TUBE. I also have a photons Intl Ion, as well as a cutom made head in a L4 Digital Lumamax body. I cant remember the name of the gentleman who designed this one. He used to post regularly and seems he lived in Hawaii at certain times of the year. If someone would email me for the pics and let me know fair pricing I would appreciate it.

    Thanks for this great forum and your patience for a newbe

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    Please read the B/S/T policies. You must post prices. If in doubt what to charge, do some looking at previous sales in the B/S/T forum here, and at the Market Place. Closing this.


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