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Thread: Streamlight Junior LED...sweet buy!!

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    Default Streamlight Junior LED...sweet buy!!

    A local thrift shop near me is open by appointment, or by chance. I've always wanted to browse, but never called.

    Well, today was the "chance", and boy am I glad I stopped.

    I snagged a Streamlight Junior LED in the package WITH batteries and nylon pouch for 2 bucks!!

    Just had a chance to test it outside...VERY cool light even though only rated at 55 lumens.
    Nice throw, nice tint, orange peal reflector, runs on (2) AA

    From what I've read on the web, it's an older model, but it has very good throw for a "mini" light.

    If you find one, snag it!

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    Default Re: Streamlight Junior LED...sweet buy!!

    Man what a"steal"! I love this little light as well. I have many lights that are more expensive, brighter, longer run times, custom lights, etc.. But this little thing is really a great form factor. It does seem brighter than 55 lumens as well. i received it as a gift this past Christmas. I really dig it! Enjoy.

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    Default Re: Streamlight Junior LED...sweet buy!!

    I have the newest Streamlight Jr., I won it at a trade show. It's OK, but to me it's kinda typical of American brand name stuff made in China. Not as good as the better Chinese lights like Fenix, and nowhere near as good as a USA made light. Mine has connection issues between the tailcap switch and body, the light flickers and sometimes goes out. I've tried cleaning it, that helps a bit, but it's a hassle.

    A good thin about mine is that it is easily modded! The head disassembles easily, I may make it into a high output cyan or red flashlight someday.

    I guess my point is, the MSRP is like $40 or something, so for $2 or free, it's a good deal.
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