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Thread: Underwater kinetics eLED 4AA mod

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    Default Underwater kinetics eLED 4AA mod

    Oh flashlight Gurus, I would seek a boon from thee.

    I hear this little voice in my head that says modify...modify...but, I am not a real techy guy. I solder pretty good, and can follow directions, if they are clear and specific, but numbers make my head hurt! So, I stick with drop-in stuff, whenever possible.

    My UK light was the first "good" light I purchased some years ago. It has given good service, and runs a long time, but, in The True Spirit Of Never Leaving Well-Enough Alone, I would like it a bit brighter.

    I looked at the selection of drop-in units offered by Discount Extreme, and I am confused. The UK light module, which seems to contain a heat sink, has an emitter that appears to be an upside down that a Lambertian?

    Anyhow, the dimensions of my light's module are height: 1.105 in., width of bezel: .95 in.

    The Cree drop-in modules seem like they will fit, but the width dimensions are just a hair larger...26.5mm, which may require some filing/sanding for a real fit in the head.

    Now: I think going from the present emitter configuration to a regular LED in the drop-in will not change anything because that should have been taken care of by the module's design. Am I right?

    With 4 AAs powering the light, I'd need a module that can operate on 6 volts, right?

    Some of the modules offered are multi-function. I,m not really entranced by that, just off/on/full/half power does me fine. But, would multiple functions work with the simple on/off switch on my UK? Or is that all taken care of by the module?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a module that will fit, or maybe another source for mod parts?

    Thanks for any help you can give.
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    Default Re: Underwater kinetics eLED 4AA mod

    I could help you but I have no idea what a UK light is or looks like...

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    Default Re: Underwater kinetics eLED 4AA mod

    Quote Originally Posted by Mattaus View Post
    I could help you but I have no idea what a UK light is or looks like...
    Underwater Kinetics

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