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Thread: Driver help for P7 3D Mag

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    Iím sorry if this is a stupid question or if itís been answered, I have spent hours and hours looking over threads on this forum but there is so much information I am lost. I have just completed a 3D Mag build using the 5 cree R2 module from DX running off of 2x 18650 batts (thanks to this forum). However I have a second 3D mag I want to play with. This one is the NEW Mag LED running the XP-E LED. So first question:

    I am assuming a P7 (with heatsink) would be brighter than the XP-E Stock Mag correct? If not then I wonít even mod this one. Unfortunately after completing the 5 Cree R2 build it appears that the new XP-E Maglite is as bright (and throws further when focused correctly...that was a bit disappointing).

    Ok, so assuming the P7 would be brighter, my next question:

    What driver (link please if possible) would be good to drive the P7 off of 2x 18650 batts? Also, if itís possible to have a driver that can run a P7 off of the 18650 as well as 3 standard D alkaline (as backups) it would be that possible?

    Lastly, I have read a lot about sputtering the reflectors (and found the DIY thread on it), but what is the advantage....basically, is sputtering (orange peeling) my reflector something I should do?

    Here are some details on the build I am planning:

    3D Mag
    P7 LED
    H22A Heatsink
    ???? Driver
    2x 18650 batts (possibly 3D alkaine as backups)
    glass lense
    possibly sputter stock mag deep reflector

    Thanks so much for your help!

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    I usually stick with 2D maglites. There just right for two 18650's with a little tail cap spring reduction and a battery adapter. Or go with the novae 32650's and mod the tail cap to fit them. Needs to be bigger for the battery to sink in the tail cap a little and the spring needs to fit inside the tail cap and shortened. You will also need some good batterys that can cope with the current, if you haven't gotten some already look here.

    I would choose the cree XM-L led over the p7 any day. Drive it with a kaidomain sku S005296. Or dealextreme sku 57779. Thread on the 57779. They are better drivers out there if you don't care to spend a little more. Taskled makes some of the most reliable. The led maglite has a different reflector than the incandescent maglite. The led mag has a rebel reflector which is a little deeper and throws better than the incandescent one. That maybe why your led mag throws farther than your drop in. They can be had individually from zbattery part # 108-846. The total lumens from the drop in should be much more than the XP-E mag.

    The way you can tell is shine the light on a white ceiling in a dark room and compare. Turn one mag on and look at a object in the floor and then turn it off and turn the other mag on and see which one is lighting up the object or the room more. You should see a big improvement in the drop in. If not there maybe something wrong. 134 lumens vs 1000 lumens.

    I have built several mags with the xm-l and there is no way the xp-e will keep up with the xm-l in the same reflector. It will have a larger hot spot than the xp-e but will make up for it with just sure lumens output. If you want to push the xm-l a little harder then use dealextreme sku 50025. This driver gives about 3.5amps overdriving the xm-l a little. Make sure you use some good thermal glue or thermal epoxy between led pcb and heatsink. Artic silver probably the most prefered. The highest bin XM-L so far is the U2 bin. I think from what others have posted that the H22A heatsink will work with the XM-L. You need the flat top version. H22A also looks like he is going to be offering a heat sink for the rebel reflectors from this post here. If you wait for his new heat sink then you will need to pick up a 12.8mm pcb XM-L from illuminationsupply. The rebel has a smaller opening in the bottom than the incandescent. The rebel can be trimed a little to fit the P7 heatsink with a 14mm XM-L pcb if you don't want to wait.

    The reason people sputter the reflector is that it smooths the beam profile out. You dont get all the artifacts with a textured reflector. Nice even spot with even spill. Blends the light more. The smooth reflectors will out throw the textured reflectors.

    Also alkaline batterys can not cope with much more than 1 amp draw. Best to use Nimh or stick with li-ions. Either one will have no problem with that current but the Nimh cells will be below the needed driver voltage. If you want to go the Nimh route, then 4 Nimh C's will work in a 3D mag with adapter. Use a amc7135 2800mah driver. Most all of this has been discussed here if you can find it. Sometimes it takes hours of research if not days to figure out what parts to use and where to get them.
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    Thank you very much for the information! Decided to put my P7 on the shelf and order some XM-Ls..... I took a look at the 50025 however it is 5 mode (I dislike the strobe and SOS, so I would rather a single mode). Do they offer this in either a single or 3 moded (high, med, low)? If not what is the taskLED driver you mentioned? I beleive it is the H6CC correct? That is variable, would I need to adjust it or will it work right our of the box (I do not have a pot to adjust with).

    Thank you very much.

    Edit. Nevermind, I just picked up the kaidomain you suggested. Hope this will all work out well.
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