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Thread: Why buy American?

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    The state of the flashlight market, and the qualities which the current flashlight buyer is looking for, is disturbing. How many time have you seen “Looking for light, highest lumens”? What happened to “Looking for light, highest quality”? The market is a race to get the highest lumens rating, even if it means cheating, and lumens are all that the consumer cares about. Because of this, American flashlights are left in the ditch by most flashaholics. But, many of the long time addicts praise Surefire, HDS, Malkoff, and other top-of-the line manufactures. But, the latest Fenix lights advertise 300 lumens from two 123s. How can the American makers be still in business? The market outside a few solid manufactures is a rat-race for more lumens. The few, however, design, build, and warrant lights that are timeless. If you just want to have the greatest wow-factor, go Chinese. But, if you plan on using your lights on a regular basis for many years to come, go American. The American manufactures don't keep up with racing companies lumens wise, they just build solid, dependable lights that will last a lifetime and often warrant them to last that long too. American lights are tools, not toys. Please consider this as you decide on your next light.

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    Should I post this in the "Recommend me a light" section as well?

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    Honestly, I think it is the price that attracts flashaholics to chinese made products. Most people aren't looking to spend even $20 let alone $100 to get a flashlight. American's can't compete with cheap labor. So instead, we innovate or provide better designs, customer service, or quality.

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    I doubt the claims on the 300 to 600 lumen from many lights. Last time I had a chance to put my Malkoff MD2/M61W against a "600" lumen light, the malkoff was brighter and better quality. The Wildcat V1 I put against the same light blew it out of the water.

    I buy quality that I can afford and lean HEAVILY toward USA made products. I make my products in the USA and hope that people appreciate that, but I hope they buy them because they are quality.

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    Before this thread is shut down, or tossed over to rants. Please tell us about all of your Chinese light failures.I have many HDS, Peak, and Surefire lights. But I also have many jetbeams, zebra lights, and a thrunite, amongst others that work quite well.

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    I have no Chinese light failures, but I hugely prefer using American lights! If this thread is turned into a flame war, I will do everything I can to have it closed. The purpose of this thread is not to aggravate, it is to provide food for thought to new members.

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