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Thread: Fenix TK11 and Li-Ion batteries

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    Default Fenix TK11 and Li-Ion batteries

    Hi all. I have a Fenix TK11 that is over 3 years old. I run it on (2) CR123 batteries. Are these older versions compatible with 18650 Li-ion batteries? Thanks in advance!

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    It should be able to fit a 18650. I know that several of the older models do, but I don't know which one you have. Put in a couple of CR123's and look at the battery tube with the tail cap off. If there is some extra space around your CR123's then it's a good bet that it can fit an 18650. If it's a tight fit around the CR123's then it's a no go. I don't remember if all the older versions could fit an 18650, but I believe so. I know that the old TK12's wouldn't fit one but the old TK11's would. Hope this helps.
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    The 18650 fits, I just want to make sure I won't fry the pill. Thanks.

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