My 2D Mag Review

I am very new to this scene and stumbled across the forum recently and across this thread. I contacted Jayrob and he helped me understand what the terminology meant and what my options were. His replies and updates were very prompt thought the process, from initial contact through shipping.

I bought a smoke 2D mag, 4 32600 batts, 1 charger, batt monitor. All arrived in perfect as well as new condition. The batteries arrived charged. The workmanship is perfect. you would not be able to look at the light and tell it is not factory prepared. Of course you would see its different as far as the LED etc, but as far as scratches or fittings etc it is a 10/10. Everything on it looks well thought out and prepared and you cannot see the marks of the creators hand.

The light functions perfectly. After a couple of weeks working with it and dropping it mistakenly several times it is still functioning. Having two sets of batteries is great for never having any downtime. Ive run the light on high for extended periods of time with no problems. It gets warm but not hot, not too hot to touch. it just seems to stay gently warm but does not heat up to any point of concern. To people on this forum the 1000 lumen rating on the light might be standard but to a layman it is VERY bright.

I live in Alabama, and recently we have had a lot of tornado damage and power outages. The light can be turned on high and completely illuminate a pitch black room as if there were an overhead light on. This is wonderful in a blackout situation. On high it turns night into day, from pitch black to easily visible. There are what looks to be about 4 rings of light that I can see coming off of my light. The hot spot in the very center. I bright circle around the hotspot. A very large circle that seems to span about 150 degrees and then a glow of light about 180 degrees. Outside at night or in the woods it illuminates everything in front of the light making it comfortably visible about the entire 180 degrees.

If shinning it into the crawlspace under a house the entire space becomes visible requiring much less crawling around in these. And if you are searching through debris or walking through a dark and dangerous area its a godsend. It is a good size and weight and the batteries last a significant amount of time between charges. The battery monitor is superb. It is fantastic being able to see how much power is left in the batteries. Its the first light ive had that late at night outside I can shine the light towards noises in the woods and actually see the deer off in the distance. Its bright enough and it throws long enough distance that it will make all the deer' eyes visible in the woods for a fairly lengthy distance. Also the light is bright enough and if you throw the hot spot directly at someone or somethings eyes, they seem to be completely blinded by it. I would not recommend doing this!

I frequently come in contact with a large dog who tends to jump up on me very aggressively. I dont know if some here would say this is cruelty to animals and if so I apologize, but recently when the dog began to run at me I shined the light towards him and as far as I could tell he could no longer see me. I was able to keep the light pointed in his direction and make my way across the yard without him coming toward me. Finish my work and repeat the process to exit the yard and wasnt jumped on or knocked down at all. This has worked for about 2 weeks now. He seems to know im there and will sniff the air and pace left and right but he will not advance into the light, he wont come forward or walk in that direction where he cannot see. So that is an added benefit I had not forseen.

Many other people I work with in construction jobs have said it was the brightest light they had ever seen and asked where to buy one. Since it looks identical to a standard Mag everyone assumes it is. The light is very expensive but since it looks standard I have not had anyone attempt to steal it so far off of any construction sites. Coming from using standard lights for work this 2D from Jayrob is beyond any type of comparison with all off the shelf stuff ive used. On low its as bright as almost every light ive used that are rated 200-300 lumens. Work lights from lowes like task force or Nebo etc are about as bright on high as this is on low.

Now I carry a small 220 lumen nebo and this 2d jayrob mag. Between those 2 I feel prepared for all situations throughout the day in which I need extra illumination. The reason for the smaller light is just for working in situations where I need to keep my light very low as not to disturb others working nearby. but overall I rate the light 5/5. It is bright and long lasting. It has a spot of light as well as illuminated almost everything in front. It is like having a flood and spot light on simultaneously. I hope to find an aspherical lens that will fit it to really see how for and bright a spot it could throw but have had no luck as of yet. My dealings were great and I plan on purchasing a matching 2D laser mod from jayrob also.

So far the only draw back that I have run into in regards to the light is having to search around and find out who is using my lite. It is now the defacto goto light on my work sites. People want to use it now instead of the others in the toolboxes.

PS to jayrob
I see you found a source for the protected batteries, would there be any benefit to purchasing them as opposed to keeping the unprotected cells I already have?