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Thread: Which state has the least limit on guns

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    Default Which state has the least limit on guns

    Ive been always wondering which state has the least limitation
    Ive heard a few about them
    Concealed firearm(short barrel weapon like handgun) w/o license in Alaska
    Most guns in Texas
    Arizona has some specialties too but ive forgot em

    I wanna know about least-limitation-state on these items too
    Full auto firearm
    Concealed firearm

    Living in a "safe,non-violence" society makes me jealous about states' freedom

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    Default Re: Which state has the least limit on guns

    While this a somewhat-reasonable series of questions (particularly with regards to someone being overseas and subsequently less familiar with US firearm regulations), CPF isn't the place for this topic. I would suggest a firearms forum for this, there are a number of those to choose from. Best regards,

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