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Thread: Fenix TK 15,Maglite x50,Extreme beam sx 21

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    Default Fenix TK 15,Maglite x50,Extreme beam sx 21

    Hi to all ,i just want to report what i am learning since i am new to all this.In another post i said i liked the extreme beam ,but when it got dark it was not so good .The sx21 extreme is suppose to have 220 lumens an that is a joke .My mag x50 has only 104 lumens but it blows away the extreme beam . So now i have a Fenix TK 15 ordered to replace the Extreme .One more question for the TK 15 it says use cr123 a . I got some shurefire sf123 a . Is this the same battery an will it work ? The cr an sf threw me off .
    Thanks for your help .

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    Default Re: Fenix TK 15,Maglite x50,Extreme beam sx 21

    Those little mags do have some nice throw. The Surefire cells are perfect for your TK 15.
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