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Thread: Sheath for Zebralight SC51 or SC80

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    Hey guys - I am looking for a good sheath/holster for my small Zebralights. I want to attach one to the strap of my BOB for easy access so something that is Molle compatable is preferable. This Maxpedition 4" sheath looks like it would work (link below) but I wish they made a 3 inch version. Any suggestions? Nylon is preferable. I did some searches but could not find and carry case threads.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    I have one of those and it will fit, but for mine the fit is quite snug and more than I like. I prefer a somewhat loose fit for easy access from and return to the sheath. Wolf Eyes makes some that work well for me, but they are a lower quality, will wear out when the Maxpedition probably never will, and are also not Molle compatible.
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