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Thread: Any word on the Leatherman OHT ??

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    Default Any word on the Leatherman OHT ??

    Anyone have an idea when the OHT will hit the shelves?
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    Default Re: Any word on the Leatherman OHT ??

    Quote Originally Posted by BR101 View Post
    Anyone have an idea when the OHT will hit the shelves?

    Looks like it's already out...
    I've been waiting for this one too.

    I'll wait a bit and see what everyone has to say about it first before picking one up.

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    Default Re: Any word on the Leatherman OHT ??

    Looks pretty clever, I dig that the whole thing truly is one-hand-operable, and the spring-open is a nice feature on the pliers. Would prefer bare finish though, and where's the scissors..

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    Default Re: Any word on the Leatherman OHT ??

    Played with one at Cablelas. Like the idea but it doesn't feel nice in your hand, which is a dealbreaker for an EDC multitool for me. I put it down before I got the chance to truly investigate it. Which is a testament to how bad it actually felt. If you depend on the tools in an instant that are not one handed on the other outside-opening Leathermens, I think something is wrong about the way you are working, in my opinion. The pliers should be used in situations when you don't have a pair of standard pliers around. Maybe I buy EDC tools for the satisfaction of owning them and having them on me. A lot of that comes from the way it feels. And a lot of the way it feels comes from how well they work. I'm running myself in circles now. Guess I better go back over to Cabelas and have a spirtual debate about the functionality of a EDC multitool.

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    Default Re: Any word on the Leatherman OHT ??

    I'm seriously considering one of these for fishing at night, which I do a lot. I have spoken with a couple of fellow anglers who use them and they have nothing but good things to say about it.

    Being able to use one hand to open the tool and remove a hook from a big, flopping fish's mouth while holding it in the other hand sounds appealing to me. Without bragging too much, I regularly catch fish in the 25-30lb range and being able to steady my catch with one hand while operating my multi with the other and getting the job done sounds like a good idea.

    I've heard of some folks not liking the black oxide finish models because it leaves a dark grit on their hands but a poster on edcf recommends buffing it with a cloth and some oil, IIRC.
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