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Thread: LED-Lenser led upgrade with driver????

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    Default LED-Lenser led upgrade with driver????

    Hi, I have the Hokus Focus and was quite happy with it until I read on here that the led dims after so many hours of battery use. Now I got this little torch due to me being a Security Patrol Driver & my 6D Maglite with a terralux 310 upgrade has no spot option!!! It lights up pretty much anything to about 150 metres and aafter that I use my Lenser. Is there a drop in led replacement that has a driver & maybe a higher lumen output just for kicks



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    Default Re: LED-Lenser led upgrade with driver????

    I dont think its very easy to do any mods to a Lenser.What you can do is get a one of the many better lights available that are smaller very easy to carry & have a much better beam for either the same or less money.I own a couple of Lensers myself & after learning a bit more about lights i wish i never paid the money i did for them.
    What another new light!!!

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    Default Re: LED-Lenser led upgrade with driver????

    Well, LedLenser has superior optic if somebody wants focusable light. I was thinking that it would be cool to change driver and led too. But it could be problematic/impossible because of the optic. I don't know how it would work with other led.

    Just my 2 lumens ;-) pointing that the idea is not that bad.

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    Cheers guys, I bought the Lenser under a week ago & am happy with it!!! Just the light seems to be some what hated on this site. I use it on Security Patrol where I have a 200ish metre distance to light up & TBH its just cheaper to run than my 6D Mag with Terralux 310m as I have an abundance of AAA batteries. I wonder if I use Lithium Batteries would it counter effect the discharge / light loss a bit??? Thanks stp for seeing my half sensed idea anyway!!!

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    Default Re: LED-Lenser led upgrade with driver????

    I've made my T7 Led lens (4AAA) direct drive with aspheric lens. It still has two modes.
    You dont need aspheric, but I chose it as I didn't like how the TIR worked out with mine.
    Nice part of this mod: you only need to solder, no driver needed.

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